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As soon as he gets done spurting the first thing this cum slut will say is, “Thank you!”
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How to train your experiment!
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me at pokemon daycare

I had to reblog this again

Daycare Husband: “oh! We were shocked! Your Pokémon was holding an egg!” Dom: “awww yiss! I mean.. uh… what a pleasant supriiise!” ouo;
Ask a "Little" - Find out what your Followers want to know about you & your Little side!
  • It's time for a "Little" Q&A!! Send me a Question about my Little side!!
  • **Put a Number (or many) in my Inbox if you want to learn more about my Little side, if I don't/can't answer a question I'll put a "pass" as my response!**
  • 1. How did you discover your "Little" side?
  • 2. What age(s) (if any) do you identify as? If you have multiple Little sides, share the differences!
  • 3. How did you pick which age(s) fit your regressive side best?
  • 4. What are the top three things that trigger regression into your Little space?
  • 5. What's your favorite color? Does is change depending on which headspace you're in?
  • 6. Are you more emotional in Little space?
  • 7. What are some things that have a strong emotional effect on you only in Little space?
  • 8. What are the top three things you look for in a Caregiver (or that you have found in yours)?
  • 9. Do you enjoy impact play as part of your DD/lg dynamic?
  • 10. Are you sexual in your regressive state (when you're Little)?
  • 11. Why do or Why don't you enjoy sexual play in Little space?
  • 12. What are three of your Rules from your Caregiver?
  • 13. What is the worst punishment you've ever received?
  • 14. What is the most exciting punishment you've ever received?
  • 15. Do you like to dress up in Little space? What do you wear?
  • 16. What is one struggle you've experienced in this dynamic?
  • 17. Does your family/friends know about your Little?
  • 18. Have you ever lied about or hid your Little in public? Share!
  • 19. What is your favorite candy (or snack)? Does it change in and out of Little space?
  • 20. What is your favorite cartoon?
  • 21. Share a naughty DD/lg taboo or fantasy!
  • 22. What was your first experience fully emerged in Little space?
  • 23. What is your favorite "Little" activity? (crafts, coloring, playing at playgrounds?)
  • 24. What is the worst experience you've ever had in your Little space?
  • 25. What are 3 of your Hard Limits?
  • 26. Have you ever been to any BDSM/Kink community events? Do you have a Age Play or DD/lg group in your area?
  • 27. What is your favorite "Little" friendly online store? (Link share!)
  • 28. Do you have a Stuffy/Stuffed Animal? What type? What are their names?
  • 29. Do you have any songs that speak to your Little side?
  • 30. Have you ever cried in Little space? Why?
  • 31. Share a special story about you in Little space or an experience with your Caregiver that you will never forget.
  • pretty please <3 you'll cheer me up a lot 3:
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Glass Blower: Sculpting A Horse From Molten Glass


#this bitch just said let there be horse and there was

i thought this was a gif of a man fighting a giant angry slug
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We’re only just getting fucking started princess!!
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You want Daddy to treat you like a dirty whore, EARN IT!!